CT Gene Database

Cancer/Testis (CT) genes encode a heterogeneous group of immunogenic proteins (CT antigens) expressed almost exclusively in normal testis and a percentage of various tumor types. On the basis of their tissue specificity and immunogenicity, CT antigens are considered some of the more promising target molecules for cancer vaccines.

The Cancer Immunity CT Gene Database provides information about gene structure, chromosomal mapping, proteins, immunoreactivity in cancer patients, and mRNA expression through a set of interlinked web pages as well as external links to public databases such as the NCBI, Ensembl, SwissProt, Cancer Immunome Database (CID) or LICR Transcriptome database. The growing list of CT transcript families necessitates the adoption of a standardized nomenclature for these gene products. The CT Gene Database presents a possible nomenclature.

The content of theĀ Cancer Immunity CT Gene Database was compiled by Matthew J. Scanlan of the LICR New York Branch at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Yves Stauffer, Gregory Theiler, Monique Zahn and Victor Jongeneel of the Office of Information Technology, LICR Lausanne Branch. It is based on published reports and the database is being provided for archival purposes.


The data in theĀ Cancer Immunity CT Gene Database have been incorporated in the CTDatabase, now accessible through LICR.
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