Cancer Immunity (ISSN 1424-9634) was an open access, peer-reviewed journal that, from 2001-2013, published laboratory and clinical research papers on the immune response to cancer.

Founded in 2001 by the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), along with the Academy of Cancer Immunology, and led by world-renowned cancer immunologist and inaugural Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lloyd J. Old, the journal was, at the time, the only journal devoted to all aspects of cancer immunology. In its 12-year publication history, Cancer Immunity disseminated many types of influential content important to cancer immunologists, including original research articles, reviews, hypotheses, case reports, and conference proceedings, exploring all aspects of cancer immunology and immunotherapy. These publications ranged from basic discoveries to late-stage clinical studies, from regulatory issues to statistical considerations in clinical trial designs, and were not limited to topics on:

However, effective July 2013, Cancer Immunity published its final issue and merged with Cancer Immunology Research, a new journal published by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). This new collaboration between CRI and AACR, which will preserve the legacy of Dr. Old’s vision and the journal he founded, will focus on publishing research articles reporting major advances in all areas of cancer immunology. Read the announcement here.